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Top Benefits of Physical Therapy for the Elderly


As we age, we experience changes in our bodies and our physical condition deteriorates, such as our muscle strength and flexibility decreases. This can lead to changes in our quality of life. One of the most recommended programs by professionals is physical therapy. Below are the reasons why:

It is common for seniors to experience pain from conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Physical therapy can help preserve the strength of the joints, reducing the risk of future symptoms. And for those suffering from chronic pain, it can help reduce discomfort.

  • It helps reduce the risk of falls.

Falls are one of the leading causes of accidents in seniors. It can lead to head injuries and bone fractures. Physical therapy helps seniors learn balance techniques to maintain their stability, which in turn, reduces the likelihood of falls in the future.

  • It helps decrease the risk of injury.

Seniors lose their flexibility and muscle strength, making them more prone to injuries. Physical therapy includes extension exercises that help maintain stability and keep postures erect and strong.

  • It helps regain independence.

A more physically active senior has better overall health. Physical therapy programs help seniors stay fit and strong, so they can accomplish their everyday tasks and maintain a healthy weight.

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