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Tips to Avoid Depression in the Elderly


Depression can happen to all of us, including seniors. While we do get sad occasionally, feeling down for months may be depression.

As the leading health care agency in Texas, we specialize in maintaining the overall health and wellness of seniors. 

Here are our expert recommendations on how to ward off depression in the elderly:

  • Do not neglect your social life
    Stay in touch with your family and friends through video chat, calls, or texts. You can also meet them out sometimes for brunch, coffee dates, or beach trips. Try inviting them over for dinner and a little movie night, too.
  • Consider in home care services
    Professional care providers can help keep you company while they make sure your healthcare needs are met, thus reducing the risk of depression. They can also see to it that you are comfortable and safe at home.
  • Try to stay physically active
    Regular exercise may be an effective way to ease anxiety and depression, as it can release endorphins and other chemicals in the brain that enhances one’s sense of well-being. It can also help keep your independence.

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