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Tips on Reducing the Risk of Falls in Seniors


As we age, we naturally become frailer. It is a normal part of aging and is one of the reasons why seniors are more prone to falls that lead to injuries. But there are ways to reduce these risks. Read on to know how.

  • Research about senior safety devices

    There are many devices that can help support seniors such as walkers or cranes for walking and non-slip rugs and socks for extra grip. You can also install shower chairs, raised toilet seats, and grab bars in bathrooms.

  • Stay physically active

    Being physically active helps improve or maintain your coordination, balance, flexibility, and strength that are weakened by aging. Consult your doctor about home exercises you can do. You should also consider consulting about physical therapy as it can help restore or improve your function and mobility.

  • Try some home health care services

    This is beneficial for seniors who do not want to live in senior homes or want to continue living independently. Aside from managing your health, these services are provided by professionals who can make sure you are comfortable and safe at your home while keeping your dignity and independence.

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