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Signs That Indicate a Need for In-Home Care


When an aging parent or elderly loved one is living independently, it is normal to feel concerned for their well-being. As they age, there will come a time when they require additional help at home. However, you might be unsure of when is the right time to receive home health care services. When physical and mental decline is on the horizon, it’s best to be proactive regarding their care.

As an established health care agency in Texas, we will share the major signs that indicate a need for in-home care:

  • Poor Personal hygiene

    A decline in hygiene can happen over time. This can be attributed to dulling senses or issues like poor mobility and vision loss that make it difficult to use the bathroom on their own.

  • Cluttered Home

    An unkempt home is another indication they need additional help. Dirty or unfolded laundry, accumulation of garbage, and stacks of dirty dishes can also be fire and trip hazards that can lead to injury.

  • Difficulty Managing Medications

    Mismanaging medication can have serious consequences. To address this, home care agencies offer skilled nursing services to manage medication, monitor vital signs, aid in pain management, and more.

  • Changes in Weight

    Extreme weight changes may indicate your senior is not eating enough. This could be caused by difficulty with meal preparation or even depression. Poor nutrition can affect their health and make them more susceptible to illness.

Prudent Health Management is a reputable home health agency in Houston, Texas. Established over 15 years ago, we are passionate about providing high-quality home health services to the community. Levering our expertise and experience, we can help facilitate healthy aging at home. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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