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Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider Upfront


Health remains a priority – for you and your family and as a trusted Home Health Agency in Houston, Texas, we do what we can to manage and promote your health and wellbeing.

We extend our home health care services to cover the different needs of patients at home. Our goal is to help you feel better and achieve quality living. Staying true to our purpose, we accommodate queries about any aspect of the care. For example, we do what we can to educate our patients and their families about different elements of care, including the topics on financing.

The best way to get ahead when it comes to medical bills is to understand your insurance coverage. Understandably, many years may have passed from the point of signing up for the insurance. You can always ask your insurance provider if you have questions about your coverage. If you have a policy with AETNA, you can ask your advisor or their representative about the coverage you have.

To help you, we have collected critical questions you can ask your insurance so you can avoid surprise medical bills.

  • Is my primary physician, hospital, or clinic within the insurance’s network of providers? Is this requirement a hard pass?
  • What costs are included in my coverage? Does it pay for doctor’s fees, regular screenings, and others?
  • What types of care are not fully or partially covered by my insurance policy? How much is the coverage share in this case?

At Prudent Health Management, we encourage questions to help you make better decisions. Ask your Health Care Agency in Texas about what we can do for your needs. Call us today.

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