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Is Music a Certified Way of Improving Our Health?


An age-old question: does music really help with improving our quality of life? Today, our home health agency in Houston, Texas, would like to share some facts on what makes music such a great addition to our daily routine, especially for aging adults.

As a provider of home health care services, we at Prudent Health Management go over and beyond to give our senior clients an improved quality of life. Aging in place is one of the goals after retirement, but health problems can deter them from enjoying their golden years to the max. For example, problems such as mobility difficulties and heart disease can discourage a senior from performing their favorite hobbies, like dancing or singing.

Because of this, our home health care programs make sure to allow our senior clients to enjoy their life in the presence of music. According to an article by Harvard Health, music boosts our mood and well-being, and music therapy may help during treatments for certain health conditions.

Researchers aimed to find the best strategy to assist in making the transition toward release, relaxation, and recovery by examining the influence of music interventions on health-related quality of life.

This shows that music interventions can significantly improve mental health and slightly benefit physical health. Even while the researchers discovered a beneficial effect on the psychological quality of life, they did not discover a single ideal intervention or “dosage” of music that is most effective for everyone.

Simple activities, such as listening to music, learning a musical instrument, dancing, or singing, can significantly create a positive impact on senior health. Thus, our health care agency in Texas will help your loved one stay engaged with music while they stay under our care.

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