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How to Introduce Your Senior to Home Health Care


Once you have determined that arranging home health care services is the best option for an elderly loved one, the next step is to introduce the idea of receiving care. While some seniors are open to the idea, some may be reluctant to receive help. To bring your loved one full on board with the idea, it is best to discuss the matter with their input in mind.

As a health care agency in Texas, we will share effective tips on how to introduce your senior to the idea of receiving help at home:

  • Discuss the matter early.

    Do not wait until the last minute to discuss receiving care. As soon as you notice changes in your loved one’s daily living abilities, gently initiate the conversation. This is a good opportunity to discuss your concerns and ask about your loved one’s goals and wishes.

  • Listen carefully and be respectful.

    Listen to the reasons why your senior may refuse to receive help. Knowing more about their fears and concerns will help you address them and develop the best care plan that fits their needs. This also allows them to become more involved and prioritizes their needs. For instance, they may require physical therapy to retain independence.

  • Highlight the benefits.

    Frame the conversation positively by highlighting the benefits of receiving care. Home health care can improve your senior’s quality of life and facilitate healthy aging from the comfort of home.

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