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Getting Your Senior Loved Ones to Accept Help


When you bring up in-home care, you may find yourself in a heated discussion or a complete shutdown with your senior loved ones. Older adults generally reject the idea of having in-home care, even if they are struggling with daily activities.
There is a chance that they might find it a waste of resources, a betrayal of trust, or even an invasion of their privacy.
Hence, our health care agency in Texas offers these tips to get your senior to accept home care:

  • Hear out your senior’s concerns and reasons for refusing in-home care
    Comprehending their issues supports you in easing them. They are more willing to comply when they feel heard and valued.
  • Cite the doctor’s authority and state that the service is prescribed
    Seniors may be more ready to accept home care if they believe the doctor has ordered it. Inform them that the doctor said so, or ask the doctor’s office for an “official” note.
  • Begin slowly and give them time to adapt
    Your senior may need some time to adjust to having someone in their home. Start gradually to ease the transition. Begin with a few hours each week and fewer personal activities. 

Then, as your elderly loved one becomes more at ease with the idea and person, gradually increase the number of hours and tasks.

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